2016 The Active Joe Sponsored Athlete
for Western States Endurance Run

Michael Wagner

Michael Wagner of Denver, Colorado has always been a runner. Like most runners, he was never considered fast or special in any way. He just likes to run. He doesn’t do intervals, tracks, or treadmills. He doesn’t monitor his heart rate. He is an amateur. He runs because he loves to run. He runs to explore. He uses running to take him to incredible places and to meet amazing people.

In 2010 Michael started running marathons. In 2014 he started running ultras. He did not finish his first 50-mile ultra. But 11 months later he ran and won the 2015 Salt Flats 100. His journey has involved countless miles. Like many of you, he runs when he’s sore and tired and sick. He runs in all conditions, on all terrain. He wanted to run a hundred miles and he wanted to do it in style. So he did. He is just an average guy with a deep seeded belief in his potential. He has a profound love for mountains and trails and hopes to express this love for many years to come.

Top performances:

Michael also has the FKT/ OKT for Lower Grand Gulch, Collins Spring to the San Juan, 38M, 4/2015, 8:27.

Michael is also sponsored by Chia Bar, Honey Stinger, and Human Potential Running Series.

Michael shares a life with his beautiful wife Erika and their two dogs. He is a wilderness guide, human servant, and outdoor administrator. He has led youth down rivers and up mountains in Colorado, Utah, and Alaska.

This past summer, he, his wife, and their dogs hiked the Colorado Trail for 500 miles from Denver to Durango, Colorado. Read his wife's blog post about the experience...

Two days later, they caught a plane to Costa Rica to surf, hike, and snorkel. Read his race report from the Q50 race...

Michael tells us, "Life is precious and Ibelieve every day counts. Love, travel, adventure, food, family, culture, art, and wilderness fill my life and inspire me to live each day to the absolute fullest. Sharing this inspiration is my ultimate goal." This passion for life that we wish to encourage in everyone is why Michael was selected as The Active Joe's 2016 Western States sponsored athlete!


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