2017 Road Race Series

Who doesn't like more bling for doing races you were going to run anyway???

There are 5 road races during 2017 produced by The Active Joe that count towards the Race Series.

(Trail races also produced by The Active Joe are not part of the Road Race Series. They are part of the Trail Race Series though - get details here...)

And we want to reward those who love to join us for fun events all year!

Our 2017 Road Race Series provides medals for each race day you finish of our road races after the first one. And if you know our events, we value quality race medals, and these are no exception!

2 Races? A medal. (The TWO RUNNER medal below)
3 Races? Another medal. (The THREE RUNNER medal below)
4 Races? Another medal. (The FOUR RUNNER medal below)
5 Races? Another medal. (The FIVE RUNNER medal below)

2017 Medals are below. Top row: TWO Runner, THREE Runner. Bottom row: FOUR Runner, FIVE Runner.

So yes, 5 days of a timed race event with us and you get 4 medals. That's in addition to any medals the race provides for completing the distance you run!

When you sign up for a race, indicate what number race day it will be in the series for you, and pay for the base cost of the medal during your race registration (the add-on cost will be indicated there). When you finish the race, we'll have an area to pick up your Series medal before you head home.

And our Series medals are yours regardless of the distance you complete at each race (just need to complete at least one timed distance race that race day). The races' individual medals vary based on distance, but the Series medals are to reward your involvement year-round with The Active Joe, and distance is irrelevant when it comes to that!

You must complete the race with a recorded race result for it to be included in the count for the 2017 Race Series.

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