2020 Trail Race Series

Who doesn't like being rewarded for doing races you were going to run anyway???

The series spans the 2020/2021 fall/winter racing season here in Texas. There are 3 trail races in the The Active Joe family of events:

(Road races also produced by The Active Joe are not part of the Trail Race Series.See the Road Race Series here for getting rewarded for running our road races.)

And we want to reward those who love to join us for fun events all year! Our 2020 Trail Race Series provides a custom medal display for completing any timed distance at ALL THREE of The Active Joe's trail races listed above! And if you know our events, we value quality race medals, and this will be no exception!


Just Race!

All you have to do is race! Just register for each race and then we will email you after the 3rd race in the series, Cross Timbers Trail Run, is over to see if you are interested in ordering your plaque. The "entry fee" is simply the cost to us of ordering the plaques, which is historically about $40.

The Series finisher item is yours regardless of which distance you run at all those races. The Series finisher item is to reward your involvement year-round with The Active Joe, and distance is irrelevant when it comes to that!

You must complete the race with a recorded race result for it to be included in the count for the Trail Race Series. Dropping down in the middle of a race results in a DNF which is not a recorded finish.


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